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Speciale Matrimonio


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Ricevimento di nozze al Grand Hotel Salerno.
Se ti sposi in un qualsiasi giorno della settimana, escluso il sabato, proponiamo un menu a condizioni particolarmente vantaggiose.



Relax in Coppia

Pacchetto valido dal 19/06 al  14/09*
SPECIAL PRICE € 179,00 a coppia Read more... Link  

Pacchetto Detox

Cocktail di benvenuto, frutta fresca e Percorso Romano…
Offerta valida fino al  30/10/2015 Read more... Link  

La Vie en Rose

€ 109,00 a persona in doppia
Valido fino al 15/09/2015

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Pacchetto Regalo 50

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Addio al Nubilato

Festeggia l’addio al nubilato in totale benessere e relax con le tue amiche e lasciati coccolare con…


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Benessere Uomo

Percorso Romano e massaggio corpo distensivo…
Validità fino al 31/08/2015 Read more... Link  

Coccole e Benessere in Coppia

Percorso benessere di coppia…
Validita’ fino al 31/08/2015 Read more... Link  
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Agropoli (about 50 Km from Salerno) is at the beginning of Cilento Coast. If you want to go by car, you have to take the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria until the height of the Battipaglia gate; once left the freeway enter in SS18 covering others 32 Km until catching up Agropoli.
Agropoli is catching up also in train with stopped station of Agropoli. In summer a service of hydrofoils is also active until the Agropoli port. Dominated by the historical centre, with a feudal castle accessible through a beautiful door, represents one of the most important and lively place of Cilento.
The castle, which was built on the 6th century still stands on the top of the promontory. It has a triangular plan with three circular towers and a moat. The town where have been recently found some tombs of an age prior to the byzantine period, keeps also the medieval ruins of S. Francesco’s monastery, the church of Holy Mary of Costantinople (XVI century), S. Marco’s, S. Francesco’s, Tresino and Pagliarulo towers, in fairly good conditions. A port with 900 places boat, a traditional and conforting hospitality, the charming beach of Trentova bay contribute to feature Agropoli as important seaside resort.